Elecsyn has undertaken a wide range of projects in their years of operation (some of our clients would rather it not be known that they have used outside design facilities for their technology solutions, so some of the following descriptions may seem vague).


The many projects we have undertaken include:













Design and manufacture of electronic hardware and implementation of software for a range of precision weighing systems for the dairy industry manufactured by Sapac Developments.


Design of a novel method of compensating for imperfections in load cells. The methods used were granted a patent.


Design and prototyping of a load cell conditioner and associated user interface for a baggage weighing controller now in use at several international airports around the world.


Design and supply of a multi-channel data acquisition and display system used by the 1987 New Zealand America’s Cup Challenge (“KZ1”).  This project involved the conditioning of signals from approximately 70 strain gauge sensors located all over the boat (including some on the sails that communicated their data via a radio link) and writing the data to hard disk in real-time, at the same time allowing display of arbitrary channels.

We supplied similar systems for a subsequent challenge for both Team New Zealand and the Italian team Il Moro di Venezia.




Elecsyn formed a partnership with the Philips NZ Application Laboratory to design and manufacture PDS51 – a low-cost emulation system for the Philips 8×51 family of microcontrollers.  Many thousand PDS51’s were produced and sold throughout the world through the Philips distribution chain.  It was followed by PDS900 – a low-cost emulator for the LPC family of microcontrollers.


Design and production of a prototype for a signal processing unit for the grading of produce through the analysis of transmitted and reflected light.


Design and development of a precision measurement and data acquisition system. Elecsyn was responsible for the initial design, prototype production, programming of the production line, where the units are programmed with firmware, tested, calibrated and initialized. The unit has been in production since 1992 and in that time Elecsyn has carried out three major redesigns to incorporate new features, improvements to the electronics design to take advantage of newer technologies, and incorporation of replacements for no-longer-available or difficult to source componentry.


Design of a home automation product for a leading American brand. This product is now manufactured offshore in large quantities.


We have recently completed design and prototype construction of a device used for the characterization and testing of a product manufactured in New Zealand and supplied worldwide.  The project involved innovative electronic designs for precision voltage and current measurement in electrically hostile environments.  Much of the development was achieved through careful simulation. 


A current and voltage measurement system for high-voltage transmission networks.  The digitised measurements were transferred through a fibre optic link.